The Millennial Irish Mammy

The Millennial Irish Mammy is exactly what you presume; a mother in Ireland, in her early 30’s, muddling through life among an internet-dependent generation of parents who are at the constant exposure of Parental Peer-Pressure and Perfectionsim.

However, The Millennial Irish Mammy knows that most of that Peer-Pressure is absolute bull, and can totally be ignored.

Like the stereotypical Irish Mammy of days gone by- the one who says things like “Don’t come running to me when you fall and break your legs!” and “Shut your mouth and eat your dinner”, The Millennial Irish Mammy has a sharp tongue and a fondness for honesty.

Unlike the Irish Mammy of days gone by I am an internet addict, love a bit of social media to keep myself in touch with the world, and have an unpredictably strong love of HipHop, RnB and rap music.

So the aim of this blog is to free some space in my cluttered head by getting things down on paper/keyboard about topics such as;

  • Real life Millennial parenting observations
  • Things that keep me sane and might be helpful to you
  • Friends and their magic-ness
  • Calling BS on whatever gets on my nerves
  • Finding the funny side of regular Mom Fails
  • General venting & bitching in an effort to stay on an even keel

As I’m sure you can relate, parenting two young boys (or any kids in general) in this world is great fun but also challenging & downright stressful more often that we would like to admit.

I hope as you read my pieces you will feel “seen” and maybe even be entertained.

I also hope that you don’t think I am a complete headcase or nutjob mother… however much I feel like this might be the truth!

Thanks for reading,


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