Spirit Lifters

These are some seriously dull times we are in at the moment. The struggle is very real. Home all day every day. No work, no school, no trips out, not even a browse around Dunnes! Two boys that cannot understand why we are not “going outside the gate”!

It’s such a challenge to avoid getting full on down in the dumps with the way things are, and the way things are going to be… So I had to have a word with myself and figure out how to keep myself ticking over & not go completely off my rocker in the process.

So I came up with a list of things that lift my spirits. These are listed in no particular order, so as not to cause offence to various people in my life!

I have included some pretty pics as well as a treat for the eyes. Hope they lift your spirits like they do mine!


Music is my therapy. Old, new, don’t care. Its just needs to be loud. I recently dug out my old tapes from the early 2000’s & it just brought such energy back to me listening to all the old songs that I knew all the words to… and still do know all the words to! Cringe-factor off the scale but that’s the best bit! I also gave in to a Spotify subscription which is just so worth the €9.99 a month. Any mood or any activity, there is a playlist to match. Just amp up the volume & get into it!


Birds have been an obsession of mine for years now. We had finches when I was a child, and I requested budgies for my 22nd birthday from my boyfriend… sounds so random I know, but I love them, and still have one today! Birds also became the theme of our wedding!

Birds are so lovely on many levels; their colours, patterns, varieties are just endless & beautiful. Their sounds & songs are so happy & cheerful. They are always so chirpy & free looking. I could watch them all day. We have a good garden & big windows in the kitchen so the boys & I spend quite a lot of time watching the garden birds come & go every day. They are just so peppy!


These don’t really need an explanation, do they? Flowers are just joy. Whether they are growing, cut, in a bouquet or on a ditch, flowers just stand out and always grab my attention.


Friends are everything when it comes to lifting a persons’ spirits. Friends listen to the shit, give you the chance to let it out, then bring you back to reality & get you back where you need to be. WhatsApp, Insta, Snapchat, whatever the medium, having regular snippets of contact with friends can do so much. The get-togethers are obviously the best thing ever for lifting the spirits, but these are hard to come by & so we keep each other going via the wonders of technology.


Totally predictable. If this was a ranked listing, chocolate could well be at No.1. Its bad for me. My body doesn’t need it or appreciate it. But my mind does. And it works like magic! I have never smoked, but having a piece/slab of chocolate when you REALLY need one is what I imagine a smoker feels like when they take the first drag. I try to limit it, but i don’t try too hard…


What would a Millennial mammy blog be without coffee adoration?? I don’t actualy drink it for the caffeine kick, I never get that coffee buzz. There’s just something so relaxing & therapeutic about a really good double shot cappuccino though. Just like hitting a reset button!

Pinot Grigio

The coffee may not not give me a buzz but the right amount of wine will! Not just any wine though. I’m no expert but I do know what I like, and its Pinot Grigio. Has to be properly cold. And has to be out of a nice thin glass. Ahh.


I am a photo addict. Not a day goes by that I don’t take photos. I also spend hours every week scrolling back through photos on my phone. I’m not such a typical Millennial when it comes to photos in that I do actually print them & have numerous albums which do get looked through every now & again. I get such a laugh out of looking back at the boys’ baby pics, and watching videos of them doing random silly things. It really does perk up your mood to scroll through & reflect on how much they have grown & changed.

On Demand TV

After a long day of being a withered mother to two small crazy boys, the only thing I want to do is sit on my couch & watch some telly. I never get to watch anything when it’s actually on so it’s always on demand for me, such a great use of technology! Good comedies give me life, but they are hard to come by. I keep up with one soap, which I usually end up fast-forwarding through at the weekend. Netflix is my go-to for entertainment when normal telly isn’t floating my boat. Just when you think there’s nothing to watch, they add another gem! All4 has an amazing archive of comedies from way back into the 90’s so there’s something for everyone there. I just find good light viewing really helps to unload any stress that has built up during the day, and sends me to bed in a better mood.

Driving ALONE

I know everyone loves this. I don’t often get to do it, but a good spin on a nice road with the music blasting is the ultimate spirit lifter. Screeching along to songs at the top of your lungs without a care in the world… and no nursery rhymes or Julia Donaldson numbing your brain… Even if it only lasts 10 minutes, it will definitely put you in a good mood.


Mindfulness is still a buzzword that’s doing the rounds, but it does work & it is worth trying. I’m not great at the meditation end of it but I do appreciate the “being present” element. Just doing one thing at a time & letting your mind focus on that one thing. So lately, instead of just mindlessly scrolling on my phone while the boys play or watch tv, I have started colouring some Mandalas. I have always loved colouring, but its something that adults don’t get to do normally. I find it a great way of emptying the mind & just being present, focus on the page in front of you & bring it to life with colour. So simple, but so satisfying also.

So that’s me and my top picks of things that lift my spirits. I hope even just reading some of them will give you some spirit lifting inspo & help you think of what lifts your spirit.

And yes I am aware that my husband & kids are not included in this list… obviously some things don’t need to be said 😉

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