How to Survive in a House full of Men

I’ve been the one called Mammy in my house for over 4 years now. When I became Mammy again less than 2 years later, I found myself completely outnumbered by men. 3 of them and only 1 of me… I am of course including my husband in that 3. 

You would think that when children are that young it doesn’t really matter if they are boys or girls, that the dynamics of the house wouldn’t really be affected… wrong!

Seemingly overnight, but yet many grey hairs later, our house became some kind of dinosaur farming vehicle storage area that constantly has random puddles in any given place, and the word “poo” can be heard way more often than necessary.

I grew up with a sister & two brothers so I’m used to having a bit more gender balance around the house. 

As the only female that lives here, that sh*t gets old!

So how do us mothers of boys and partners of men keep ourselves sane and avoid losing all femininity in the process? I have a few ideas.

Pretty Things

Despite all of the above male-related chaos, I insist on keeping some nice things around the place. Pretty seat cushions in the kitchen with pink trim & birds on them. Nice cups & plates with a little nod to floral here and there. Cute photo frames.

Candles- all the candles

Coloured candles, scented candles, candles that just look pretty & are not allowed to be lit… you need all the candles if you are surrounded by males. Preferably scented, maybe that’s just my house…


Flowers do wonders for any home. Faux, fresh, potted plant or in a vase, there is just something undeniably feminine & refreshing about flowers in all their forms.

Pre-Mammy Music

I have also recently delved into my archive of tapes and albums from the late 90’s and early 00’s. They are quite poptastic, and blasting them around the kitchen as often as possible has also helped sprinkle a little feminine “Spice” on my life! Always good to let the men, big & small, see a glimpse of you enjoying what you did before they all came along.

Be Queen of the Decor

Im always very conscious of the fact that, while I am the one who does the planning and the shopping for house related stuff, that it is OUR house, not MY house, and so I keep things fairly neutral in general.

But when you get the chance to do some redecoration; GO FOR IT. 

Ladies, this is your chance to let that femininity shine!! We recently did up our bedroom, new flooring, freshly plastered walls, top to bottom transformation. So in my new bedroom, sorry I mean our new bedroom, I took my chance to girlify, and I’m so glad I did! 

Three of the walls are plain bright white, the 4th wall is a gorgeous rich pink, and honestly, every time I walk in there now it gives me a little pep in my step! A little pink haven in the madness that is my life of dinosaur obsessed boys and vehicle obsessed men!

Finally, the perfect place for all my little girly things that I have overlooked and often hidden away since becoming a mother, and becoming the captain of the ship that is our family home.

Motherhood in general means you have to find the joy in the smallest things just to get by some days. My joy at the moment is my pink wall.

There is however, still the small matter of a large ladder & collection of tools in my walk-in wardrobe, but that’s for another day!

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