Ding Ding! Round 2 of Toilet Training

So Toddler #2 is approaching the Toilet Training stage of life. I have long been trying to mentally prepare myself for this event but I’m not getting any more confident the closer it gets!

Round 1 Summary: Apologies in advance for TMI! Skip the next paragraph if you’re squeamish…

Training the eldest was hit & miss. He got the wees down pretty quick. Poos not so good. Pull-ups were full to actually bursting every morning for a good few weeks, he seemed to have trained his bowels into holding on to the motherload every day and night until he woke in the morning… this led to regular runs straight to the shower for a hose down before the day even started. Fabulous.

We made a rather feeble attempt at a sticker chart. Meant nothing to him. The poo fear continued. No way would he do it on the potty never mind the big scary toilet! Friends had also reported genuine ongoing poo fears with their 3 year olds, so we were getting properly afraid we were heading the same way.

Playschool started a month into the training “journey”. He still wasn’t 100% confident but I felt he was ready for the 3 hour day at least. There were two small accidents in the first month or so of playschool but by the end of that we had gotten over the hump and we felt like we had finally done it! One child toilet trained, huge parenting milestone overcome!

In complete contrast to all that, night training happened almost by accident. We valued our sleep too much to be waking ourselves & the child for midnight trips to the loo, so we started by letting Pull-ups do the work. A couple of dry naps by day led to a couple of dry mornings. We kept a potty in his bedroom and he began to use it when he woke in the morning… The sense of anticipation/dread as I approached his room every day was palpable… The pride in his voice as he would skip “Good Morning Mammy” and begin the day with “I did a huge poo! Look!”

Disgusting as that was, it was such a relief to be over the night training hump with minimal sleep disturbance and not too much extra laundry.

Looking ahead to Round 2; we have a totally different competitor. Very adorable, but unbelievably stubborn & impulsive. Really does not like doing what he’s told! He continues to fight us way harder than #1 ever did on bottle & dodi usage. He refuses point blank to wear nappy pants or pull ups of any sort thus far, so that’s encouraging…!

Next competitor is already at the stage of knowing when a wee or a poo is coming & has done a wee on the potty before but has no interest in it at all lately. I think we will hav to go cold turkey on this one. Some day I will pluck up the courage to hide all the nappies & get the mop & floor wipes ready for their busiest season yet.

As the trainer I already know what I will be changing from Round 1. I will do my best not to be the nagging psycho that I was last time. I will be super-chill about it. Maybe.

I will also skip the tiny little boy knickers & go straight to the boxers… we might have more success if the underwear isn’t constantly getting knotted up under little cheeks!

We have already spent almost 3 years making multiple visits into toddler #2’s bedroom by night & so I don’t expect this to improve when it comes to toilet training! I am telling myself I’m ready for the battle. I’m telling myself I won’t lose my shit over his shit.

He will be 3 in July. He starts playschool in September. It is now mid-April. That gives me just over 4 months to take on this battle and win another round. I can do it.

Cant I?


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