Add to Cart… or maybe not.

Oh online shopping. Bundles of joy delivered right to your door.

Or, when it comes to clothing; bundles of disappointment, misery & self-loathing.

I am petite… but I’m also considered plus size. Really not a good combo when it comes to shopping for clothes online. But I do it anyways! I just love browsing the websites & apps, looking at the outfits, admiring all the garments on the models etc.

And who doesn’t love a good “Add to Cart” moment?

So I go through the motions, add a few bits in, have a look through, knock a couple of things off the list before I commit, stick in the details & order.

A few days later my bestie from Fastway will drop off what I hope is a bundle of joy & not a bundle of disappointment. Straight up the stairs with my petite/plus-size self & into the clothes like there’s no tomorrow….





Back into the bag, ready to be returned.

Did it again. I really should know better! Of course it wouldn’t be right. Why do I keep doing this to myself?

Sometimes I keep what I order because it fits & I will wear it. Sometimes I keep what I order because I’m trying to lose weight again & it will fit me soon… maybe.

I have spent years going through this cycle of anticipation, disappointment & ultimately self-loathing.

I have wised up though.

For one thing I know now what’s most likely to work on me & my shape; my current shape, not the shape I hope to be at some point in the future.

I have also figured out what brands work for me which is a huge plus. As we all know too well, a woman can be any number of sizes in any number of shops, so I stick to what I know & the brands I can trust.

I also filter my searches to the max so I don’t end up straying into types of clothing that I like the look of but will inevitably be returned if I buy.

I stick to buying casual clothes online, and if I need anything “nice” or dressy, I do my best to shop in person to eliminate too much annoyance & time wasting!

Living in the countryside & being home with small kids means shopping in person is a rare experience. Shopping online is just so convenient, and feck it it’s fun!

I still dip my toe in & fill the cart every once in a while, but most likely with homewares or something pretty & frivolous that’s sure to bring me some joy. Life is too short to be paying for disappointment!

And don’t worry, Mr. Fastway’s job is safe!

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