Potty Training Diary; Day 2

Some negotiations again first thing to put on the underwear… I think shorts are confusing him! He sees a cool pair of shorts & wants to wear them… but also wants his tracksuit pants over them!

💩I escaped for own loo trip an hour after getting up, came down to see a suspicious bulge in the back of No.2’s pants… cue me holding my breath & scooping poop out of his pants with a bunch of wipes, and putting it into the potty…

🖐🏻Such amazement to see the poo in all its glory! And great excitement to flush it down the toilet. A small treat followed, so I’m hoping that will provide motivation for the next couple of hours.

💧An hour passed & he sat on the potty for a minute or two but nothing came… then had a small leak on the floor 5 minutes later…

💦And another puddle after that…

🌊Was wet when he woke from his nap, and proceeded to absolutely flood the seatpad & cushion on the kitchen chair…

⬇️Two “accidents” followed… aka he could not care less about actually weeing in the potty… I plonked him on the potty after he wet himself & the smallest dribble was deposited into the potty…

🍬Yes, IN THE POTTY! So we clapped & danced & made a big hooha over it & he was delighted! Daddy got jellies in the shop & No.2 got an extra one for his efforts.

And 15mins later he wet his pants again😣 He just seems to be letting go of a bit at a time rather than going from full bladder to empty bladder so I am now seriously questioning his readiness😕

We will try again tomorrow… I really don’t want to go backwards but if he’s not ready then he’s not ready🤷🏽‍♀️

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