Potty Training Diary: Day 3

🩳No issues with clothing this morning so that was good! Undies & shorts on with no protest. Positive start!

🖐🏻I had to go to town for a couple of hours so Daddy was on potty duty for a while, and sure enough when I got home he had done a proper wee in the potty so the celebrations were on🥳

He was dry after his nap which was another small victory💪🏻

😊Convinced him to take a break from outside to sit on the potty & he weed within seconds of sitting, woop!

Busy afternoon outdoors & no poo yet…

But we have had about 6 more wees in the potty & he told us the last 4 were coming so we are over the moon with that progress🏆

Only 2 costume changes today & both were due to overzealous water table play🌊

Also, God bless the @NaturalConfectionaryCompany 😂🍬

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