All Go. All Change.

It’s all go around here lately. We may have been in lockdown since March but in many ways we have never been so busy.

Amongst the adults’ long finger jobs & excessive tweaks to the garden, the smaller members of the family have also been beavering away.

They have reached & passed big milestones in their little lives.

Ironically, lockdown actually gave us the perfect conditions for achieving many of them. Having nowhere to go & being “stuck” at home meant we have had plenty of time & no distractions.

Big bro learned to cycle his bike with no stabilisers.

He has developed some great IT skills while Small Bro naps… (yes, iPad skills!)

His brain bank of general knowledge/animal facts is growing by the day.

His uniform for Primary School is sitting ready in his wardrobe.

His scissors skills are improving from the once a month attempts at home-school related activities!

He has managed to outgrow most of his clothes!

Small Bro has been even busier.

He has sacrificed his bottles in aid of a very needy baby…well, a not so needy baby, but thanks Sophia for the alibi😂

He is mastering the toilet & making great progress every day.

He is chatting like a radio & saying new words every day, sometimes flooring us with the flowery vocab.

He has also managed to outgrow most of his clothes!

Needless to say, Mammy & Daddy have also been extremely busy. Some of those long-finger jobs included putting away all the baby equipment. They have been loitering on the landing for months… as in like, 12 months or more!

The cot that hasn’t been slept in since January got dismantled & put away. The playpen is stored. The high chair, Isofix base, carseat, buggy & pram are all obselete in this house. The bibs and babygros and bottles are done with. The nappies are no longer needed. Outgrown clothes have been sorted & boxed.

I can’t imagine the amazement on their grandparents’ faces when we finally get to meet again. They won’t believe how much taller they’ve gotten, how much stronger, how much chattier & how much more independent they have become since March.

It’s been a busy few months, and an even busier few years.

All go. All change.

All growth.

All good.

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