Welcome New Parents

This is dedicated to my lovely cousin who has just had her first baby… during a Pandemic… while living at the other side of the world.

As they say there’s no manual for having and looking after babies, and there is no welcome pack either! But this is what I would put in a welcome pack for new parents;

Welcome Parents!

Welcome to your new life. Your different life. Your happier life. Your more-complicated- but-totally-worth-it life.

Welcome to a life where you will cry your biggest tears & smile your widest smiles.

Welcome to a life of doing things you never thought you could stomach, but don’t think twice about now (yes, I mean all things poo related!)

Welcome to a new level of empathy for others, in particular other parents, and your own parents.

Welcome to obsessing over bowel movements and feeding times.

Welcome to sleep deprivation and feeling hungover without being near a drop of alcohol.

Welcome to being obsessed with photos; taking photos, scrolling through photos, and never deleting photos!

Welcome to new arguments with your other half, but also a new bond with your other half.

Welcome to having more fun & finding more joy in the simplest things.

Welcome to Parenthood. Welcome to the madness!

I have been thinking of Loddles (yes she hates that nickname!) on a regular basis ever since I heard she was pregnant at Christmas time. She is the eldest of 5 very close siblings, and she has been living in Sydney for the past few years with her hubby.

I can’t imagine how strange it must be to be so far away from your family at such a significant time in your life. Thinking of all the new parents going through this time in their lives, in such strange circumstances. You are not alone, and you are doing a great job. Welcome💜

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