Home Alone; Parent Style

Last weekend I found myself living the Parenthood Dream.

I really shouldn’t have to even explain what that is, but maybe some of my readers aren’t parents, so I will.

I was home alone for the most of 3 days. THREE. DAYS.

At home. In my house. With nobody else.

I won’t be so dramatic as to say it was lifechanging, but it was pretty damn amazing.

My wonderful husband (ahem) took the boys off to see his parents for the weekend, they left Friday morning & came back Sunday evening.

They had a ball needless to say, and I made what I consider to be great use of my time and freedom.

The whisperings of this dream weekend began about a week beforehand… but I didn’t dare to plan.

5 years of parenting has taught me to NEVER get over excited about anything more than 24 hours in advance. If you do, somebody will wake up with a temperature or a rash, and the whole thing will be fecked before it even starts.

So I kept a lid on it.

Come Thursday however, my wheels were in motion. What am I going to do with all this TIME?

Paint the front door, obviously!

So as soon as they set off I was straight into the hardware shop to get my paint & got stuck in by 11am Friday morning. It was actualy really enjoyable. It’s a job I have been wanting to do for so long.

I got the tunes pumping, the weather was co-operating, the cat stayed out of my way, I did have a stray robin flying around the hallway like a loon for a while but he didn’t bother me either.

Between coats, it was pizza for lunch & pre-made chicken curry for dinner, and by 8pm the door was done.

A day well spent!

Followed by an evening on the couch with a few treats & the remote to myself. Bliss!

Any friend/ family member that I chatted to immediately presumed I would be knee deep in wine, they were wrong! Food calories are much more fun to me than wine calories… no offense to my beloved Pinot G!

Saturday was taken care of with a trip into Limerick to have a gander at what this post-lockdown world looked like. I wasn’t a big fan, didn’t hang around long, but it was a nice break from being at home.

Did the usual few bits of housework, dolled up my dressing table, ate the rest of the pre-made curry (see, no cooking 2 days in a row!) and come 5pm I was off duty.

Bar getting up to get more snacks, I didn’t move until 10.30pm. Even then it was just to drag my lazy, chilled out arse up the stairs to bed.

No dinner. No cleanup. No baths. No PJ wrangling. No bedtime. No screeches or wakings 2 hours later.

Just me & the telly. And my phone of course, which needed to be charged about 3 times that day…!

I can’t remember the last time I did so little. It might sound like utter slob behaviour to some but just the sheer freedom of having nobody asking for anything was amazing.

A proper rest.

Sunday of course I was awake far too early. Got the food shop done, laundry sorted, then I hung around waiting for the men to return from their adventures. (Oh, and watched Magic Mike, ‘cos why not!)

As soon as they were in the door it felt like they had never left.

They trundled in, dirty, hungry, tired, and unimpressed with my dinner offering.

Back to reality everyone!

It was a welcome break from what has been a relentless 3 months of lockdown life.

I know not everyone is as fortunate as me to ever get the chance of so much alone time, but if you can orchestrate even one day, you will be glad you did.

If you do get just one day, please sit on your arse and don’t go painting a door… that is a 3 day weekend alone project!


Instagram; millennial_irish_mammy

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