Breaking Out

When daily life starts to feel like an episode of Breaking Bad, it’s time to Break Out.

Break for the border.

Run for the hills.

Banish yourself to the beach.

Go feckin somewhere that will allow you to just breathe.

We can’t get on a plane & jet half way across the world for the time being, so hop in the car & start driving instead.

After a long spell of being at home all in together under one roof, it’s time for a change.

There are so many lonely grandparents out there only dying for a couple of days with their grandkids, without you looking over their shoulder & raining on their parade, so why not give everyone what they want & let them babysit for 48 hours?

I mean, it’s the kind thing to do!

Breaking out is good for the soul. Before kids, we would have taken a short holiday once a year, and maybe a hotel break at some stage too. Since kids, our leisure routine has been out the window!

When the youngest was 9 months old, we majorly broke out.

Lanzarote, 5 nights, child-free. Both sets of grandparents had a go at the babysitting, we all had a great time!

It was just amazing how much we enjoyed that break. It may have seemed completely selfish to some at the time but we didn’t realise how bad we actually needed it until we got there.

We had just about survived a house sale, living with my parents for 3 months, a new baby, and a complete relocation to the other side of the country with a drawn out, stressful buying process.

It was one of those stages of life where you look back & think… Jesus, how did we manage it?

I was on the brink of insanity at home all day every day with a very high-maintenance 2 year old, and a small baby. New area, no friends or family near, didn’t know a soul.

While we were managing, it was tough & it was stressful. Months of trying to unpack, make the new place feel habitable, settle the kids in, keep them entertained etc. It all takes its toll on you as a person but also on both of you as a couple.

So come the new year we decided we were booking a proper holiday for ourselves. It was the best thing we did in years, we came back happy, refreshed, ready to tackle the rest of our year. The boys were perfectly happy with our parents, everything was great.

That was 2018, 2 years on we haven’t managed to repeat that success!

We have had a few great weekends away for the weddings of family & friends, as well as the stags & hens, so that kept us ticking over.

Once Covid restrictions began to lift, we started to look towards the future & think right, what can we do that will give us the break we badly need, but not cause too much hassle or not put us at any unnecessary risk.

So my wonderful husband booked us a lovely 2 night stay in a gorgeous hotel, only 10 minutes from my homeplace.

The weather was on our side, and we had such a great breather from daily life. Atlantic air, beach walks, boat trip around the Cliffs of Moher, eating & drinking al fresco looking out at the coast, what more could you want.

Sleep has always been fairly elusive to me so I didn’t manage to do the one thing that parents want the most when they are away but at least I was lying awake at stupid o’clock on my own terms!!

Couples need that time together whether or not they have children. No work, no distractions, just relaxing, chatting, eating and drinking. No jobs to do, no dishwashers to empty, no bins to take out. No petty shit like “I did it last time”… just be.

You were a couple before you became parents. And you still need to remember to be a couple after you become parents.

It isn’t selfish or greedy to take time for yourselves.

We talk so much about self-care for mothers, and rightly so, but we can’t forget about the daddies, and most importantly the “parents” collectively.

Your kids are better off when you are mentally able & ready for everything they throw at you. Two nights away isn’t going to erase years of exhaustion and months of stress, but it does break the cycle, and help you pick up & carry on again for another while.

Hopefully now that we have had our little break out, things will be less Breaking Bad & a bit more Little House on the Prairie around here…

Ya right, who am I kidding… just call me Heisenberg!!

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