Written in the Stars?

Horoscopes… rate them or hate them?

I recently discovered Rogue Collective’s online magazine on the recommendation of a good friend, and apart from some really insightful, powerful writing from loads of Irish women, one of my favourite things to check out on it is the Horoscopes.

Since I was about 10 I had a keen interest in star signs & horoscopes, and would quiz my friends about theirs, and to be fair our personalities often did match our signs. I for one definitely have the Leo traits of the fiery streak & the bossiness… (I mean, leadership skills!)

It brings me right back to being a young teen, skipping straight to the horoscopes at the back of every rag of a magazine that I could afford to buy.

What was going to happen this month? Was he finally going to notice me? Surely someone would suddenly appear in my life & make things interesting?

Horoscopes always promised so much… and delivered feck all!

I blame Trouble & all of its top class pre-teen programming (Hang Time, USA High, Saved by the Bell, Sweet Valley High and the likes) for filling mine & countless more young heads with obsessions about boyfriends & crushes & all that other stuff that we now know to be utter bull.

The teen horoscope is something that I don’t think I could bring myself to look at ever again in my life… the cringe factor is just off the scale!

The Rogue Collective horoscopes are a much more mature affair.

Vague but at the same time detailed enough for you to manipulate & apply to your own reality. It’s always intrigueing to read the Tarot queen’s predictions for your life in the week/month ahead, and it always sends my brain into overdrive; what could this mean? Is she talking about x? I wonder will it be that email that I’ve been waiting for?

Every time I read one, I make a mental note to check back over the horoscope in a few weeks & see if anything came to fruition. I never actually do that of course!

I am definitely enjoying dipping back into the horoscope world. If nothing else, they give great food for thought, and get the imagination fired up, which is never a bad thing.


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  1. That’s me..i’m the friend!!😁😁

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