Tag, You’re It!

I’m pretty sure we aren’t the only adults that have began playing Tag again in recent years… I can pretty much trace it back to around the time we became parents!

It’s not a particularly fun game anymore though.

At this stage of our lives, Tag means “I’m outa here, you take over…”

For me, this evening’s Tag was “welcome home, I am broken after this day, I’m going for a bath.”

Other times it’s “I just need half an hour, I’m going for a walk.”

And then there is the planned Tag.

Those times when you have a day off, usually a weekend, and you NEED to not be in the house or around your children for at least a couple of hours.

Or maybe you just have a lunchdate with a friend, you know, like normal people do on a regular basis… remember those social interactions?

Those Tags are a different ballgame. Those Tags often come with a priceTag attached. Maybe your other half gets a sleep-in in return for solo-parenting for half a day. Maybe they get to “escape” as soon as you come home, or the next day.

This kind of Tag is a form of currency between parents. At least that’s what it feels like to me.

Maybe it’s my own subconscious guilt making me feel this, making me feel like I need to “pay back” my other half for when I get time out.

I presume other parents are like us? Maybe they aren’t…! I hope they are…!

Mothers who are at home more than fathers (most!) may seem like they have more free time. They don’t. Just because they aren’t “at work” does not mean they are chillin. We need as much of a break for our heads as the people who are gone 8-6 Monday-Friday.

So in order to grab these breaks, it seems that in this house, we play Tag.

If you know of a better way, please let me know!!

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