Mammy Birthdays

“Happy Birthday Mommy! I’m hungry…”

“Where is your cake?”

“Are you getting balloons today?”

“Why is the party taking so long Mommy?”

This, all by 8.15am.

Mammy Birthdays are almost like mythical days.

Yes, it may be the anniversary of your birth, but at this point in your life, anything you do not pre-arrange or organise yourself, isn’t happening.

Hubby is gone to work until 6.30pm. So if I am to survive this day home alone with 2 small boys, I will be providing my own cake in the interest of peace.

There are no balloons. There are no presents because the weekend was too busy for Daddy to bring the boys shopping for something. There might be a card from my parents when the Post comes.

Mammy birthdays are not much to shout about.

The laundry doesn’t care if it’s my birthday.

The bins can’t empty themselves.

The dishwasher won’t fill itself.

The almost-expired meat in the fridge won’t magically turn itself into a meal.

The kids can’t feed themselves (more’s the pity!)

The kids can’t entertain themselves either apparently…!

So it’s just another day at the Mammy office for me.

I’m still planning my 30th birthday celebrations… even though my 30th was 3 years ago…!

Small bro was only 2 weeks old, we were between houses & living with my parents, my sister was home from England a few days before, so my 30th ended up being a few O’Connors coffee slices with 3-0 candles in them…! It was comical, but also great.

Still waiting on the piss up I was hoping for though!!

When I’m 40 the boys will be 12 and 10, then IT WILL BE ON.

I will be somewhere lovely, with a gang of friends & family, and it will be EPIC.

I would still love some O’Connors coffee slices for that, but it better not be all I have!

These children of mine are promising to “be good” all day… whatever that means.

They’ve already abandoned their breakfasts & complained of hunger, so it’s business as usual in my eyes.

I have requested a voucher for a Spa trip from my darling husband, so I am hoping one appears later!

If not, I’ll just book a day anyways & use his Visa… needs must!

So off I go to spend my day “liking” Happy Birthday posts on Facebook!

Any other birthday mammies with me this week? If so, I hope you have some element of spoiling in your day. If you don’t get any spoiling, then spoil yourself, you deserve it💜.

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