Flying Solo and Failing!

I don’t know about ye but me being a teacher married to an engineer means that I end up taking the boys away on my own a lot while I am “off” and Hubby is working.

I have become pretty damn good at it over the last couple of years, and usually pull it off without a hitch. I time everything to optimise sleeps & I plan & list to within an inch of my sanity.

Not so successful today though.

The boys and I spent 1 night up with my parents to break up another week of us at home & Daddy at work, and also to meet up with some family that were also around for a few days.

So I made my trusty packing list plus the meticulously planned beach packing list, and got us all to West Clare in one piece, all essentials in tow.

We had a great 2 days, got loads done and made the very most of the fab weather.

It came time to strike back to our own house again, so the boys were gladly plonked in front of the TV while I ran around packing us all up again.

Having tidied our 2 bedrooms, cleaned half of Spanish Point beach out of my mother’s bathroom, thrown all our stuff in bags, and getting it all downstairs, I forgot to make the all-important “final sweep around” before hitting the road.

The phone rings half way through our journey back.

My mother. That usually means one thing.


The boys’ suitcase no less.

Big Bro’s beloved nightlight projector.

The favourite Dodi.

The iPad that gives Mammy & Daddy an extra hour snooze in the morning.

The GroClock that keeps the kids in their beds until a reasonable hour.

All in the case that I meant to go back upstairs for, but didn’t, because I had given myself too much to do on my own, and I completely forgot about it.

No feckin way was I turning back.

We were half way home, Supermacs Drive Thru was calling us, and had I turned back it would have added at least an hour to what was already a long, exhausting day.

So there was no going back.

I broke the news casually that I made a mistake & forgot some things…

Lips were quivering.

Post-beach tiredness meant there could be a meltdown at any moment, from any or all of the three of us…

Saved by the Limerick Tunnel!

Through the tunnel of amazement, out the other side, into Supermacs, and off home we went.

There were some improvisations at bedtime, and Daddy had to sit on a chair for a while to comfort Big Bro in the absence of the beloved nightlight.

All in all, I thought it would be worse.

Travelling solo with smallies is not for the faint hearted. It’s hard enough to have everything covered when there are two people doing it.

I was too cocky today though, didn’t do the one last look around… and it bit me on the ass.

I still have to find a way of getting that case back asap, that 2013 iPad may be worthless in today’s money but it is worth its weight in gold at 6.30am!

Instagram; @millennial_irish_mammy

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