Shopping List; Paint and Wine

One week left. And it’s about to be a busy one! The boys are due to go on their “holidays” to their grandparents for the weekend and I am determined to get my kitchen painted before we all face head first into the breech of what will be a very challenging school term.

The childminder is also being reeled back in for a day this week, maybe 2 days if I feel the need… let’s face it, I probably will feel the need!

You are probably wondering why the hell I would bring such a painful task on myself at this stage of the game…

Mainly so that I can look back at my lovely non-green, much brighter kitchen in time to come and say to myself “yes, we did that during the eternity of Summer 2020”.

I really don’t feel like I have achieved much else.

Ok yes I kept the kids alive, well done me.

But it’s felt more like survival and less like living when I look back on life since March.

Of course we have had some lovely days, especially in the last 6 weeks or so, but mostly it’s been a tiresome cycle of “how am I going to get through today?”.

So yes I kept the kids alive, and kept myself in one piece, my husband has been busier than ever & so I barely think of him in all this because largely his life has remained unchanged.

But I want something concrete to look at & say “I did that” during this shitshow.

So it’s going to be the kitchen. And maybe the sitting room too… but definitely the kitchen!

My vom coloured pastel tiles are going to disappear under a coat of nice fresh neutral paint, and the green walls will be no more.

For my few hours alone tomorrow I will be paint shopping… and wine shopping. And I will try to get the million holes & gouges in the walls filled & prepped so we can actualy paint on Saturday!

Parents can work miracles in a kid-free weekend you know.

Stay tuned for the transformation…

And PS; if their grandparents end up not taking the boys, someone needs to step up & do it cos this is HAPPENING people. This is my last chance!

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  1. Anne Fennelly says:

    Love your stories Michelle.


    1. Thanks so much AnnešŸ„°


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