Back in Time; For 8 Hours Only

Thanks Storm Ellen! Such a diva, appearing almost out of nowhere, stripping ridgetiles & knocking trees like there was no tomorrow. Taking our electricity, water, wifi and phone coverage to really put the boot in!

Having been on this earth for 33 years I am fairly used to this kind of disappointment from Mother Nature.

My 4 year old however, is not.

And he was not impressed to wake up with no wifi, no TV, and no answer to when it would all be back!

Patient Mammy left the building about 15 minutes after she got up this morning.

Suck it Up Mammy took her place.

“There is no TV, it’s not working. No you can’t have the iPad either. I don’t know when it will be back on. I can’t fix it. No my phone is not working. No I can’t make you toast.”

Suck. It. Up.

He got about 5 stern reminders of the fact that it was beyond my control & DON’T ASK AGAIN!!!!

By about 10am some bridges were being built. We took a wander outside to assess the carnage… the cat’s house (old plastic wendy house) had been blown half way around the house, and her bed had to be located.

We “wow”ed at the trees down in the yard. We commented like farmers on how windy it still was.

And then it was just a bit too windy for comfort so we went back indoors.

They managed to not whine for a while and got stuck into some toys.

I quietly panicked inside about the fact that I still had zero phone coverage. I tried to forget about the claustrophobic feeling I get when I haven’t got reliable access to communication with the outside world!

And I made some very nice tea on the camping stove.

Small Bro went for a nap at 12 & then it hit me… what kind of torturous hell is Big Bro going to put me through for the next 90minutes??

Since March, naptime has been iPad or TV time for Big Bro, and chill-the-F-out time for me. It has literally been a lifesaver on so many long hard days.

So today, no wifi, not even boring old telly… help!

The whingeing started as soon as I was down the stairs.

I said right, come on, there is loads we can do.


I cajoled him into doing a jigsaw. Which turned into 5 jigsaws. And then we pulled down a few books that hadn’t been seen in an age, and he snuggled in for a story on the couch. It was a very welcome break from the whingeing, and nice for him to want to actually sit with me for a change, rather than just demanding something from me.

Small Bro woke at 2, just as the power came back. We struck out into the tree-covered world to get some supplies, and by dinnertime Big Bro said that actually today was a “really fun day” after all.

I love the old-fashioned simplicity of not having devices & streaming platforms to negotiate. I love seeing them do puzzles & jigsaws. Not having the option of having screens in any form meant that they just got stuck into their play, and it was refreshing.

I do regularly switch the telly off & say that’s its now for a while, go play. It’s always met with whingeing, moaning, and more often than not, me giving out & getting cross because of the whingeing & moaning. I don’t give in, but the mood is just bad for a while & it wrecks my head.

I’m not going to beat myself up about it at this point, school starts in a week & screen time will be way down for 5 days a week from then on.

Today felt like going back in time, just for 8 hours, but it was a nice breather from the struggles of modern parenting. I never thought I would have regular “discussions” with a 4 year old about why he can’t watch YouTube, but here I am.

I don’t want any more storms or powercuts, but a little bit of going back in time every now & again would be no harm.

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