‘Twas the Night Before School

‘Twas the night before school, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… except the Mammy who could not sleep!

Have I done everything? Did I definitely get all the books? Was one missing a cover? Did I put the fees into the envelope? The uniform doesn’t smell quite “nice” enough, should I wash it again?

Will he get upset going in? Will I make a show of myself and cry at the gate? Will he run in, and then look for me 10 minutes later? Will he ask to use the toilet when he needs to? Will he be able to open his lunchbox by himself?

Will he be with his playschool friends? Will he be friendly with those in his pod? What will he do at breaktime? I hope he eats his lunch. What will I make him for lunch?

Oh for sure that Mammy ain’t sleeping.

While we all have these worries (and a million more) we should all just have faith that the schools are on their A-Game.

Children are tougher than they appear. Hard to believe when we know the daily dramas of home life, but when it comes to school, they do surprisingly well.

They come to the door, they see other children their own age, they see toys, they see smiling faces (or smiling eyes behind masks as the case may be) and they are immediately drawn in to all the positive elements of school.

Even if we as parents are full of anxiety for endless reasons, we can’t let that rub off on our children. They need to hear positive things & see happy faces, and they will take our lead on how they feel.

Some schools have already had false starts, with buildings and improvements not completed in time etc, but still we must keep things positive.

Once the kids get back to school, they won’t want to be stuck at home 24/7 again anytime soon! The draw of stimulating, varied activities, and the company of their peers will keep them wanting to come back.

If we all do our bit at home, we can keep our schools open, and keep all of our lives running as smoothly as possible.

Despite the quite serious lack of decent sleep, I still plan to get up ahead of the posse & have 5 minutes peace to myself before the morning madness hits.

And I’m probably not alone when I say I need to kick the habit of scrolling into the small hours every night…! Any tips on that would be very welcome…!

So onwards we go Mammies!

Best feet forward.

Let go, and enjoy!


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