Top of the List

Lists. Who else loves a list?

Shopping list, cleaning list, job list, lists for work, love a good list.

I am the person who has been known to write things on lists that have already been done, just so I can tick them off! Apparently that is actually some kind of psychological self-motivation thing, go me!

Mammies in particular seem to rely on lists for daily survival. Our heads get so cluttered with the mental load of running a home & keeping children fed, watered, rested & happy, that unless something is committed to a list, it may well be forgotten.

Even with a list, we are not guaranteed to get everything done!

In the midst of the back to school/work/both madness, I find myself back in List Mode.

I am jobsharing this year again, which means I work 2 days one week, and 3 the next, and now that both boys are in some form of school, I find myself with some free time 2-3 mornings a week!

Sunday night, the notebook was out; what do I need to do tomorrow to maximise my 2.5hour window of alone time?

First thing on my list was not what you might predict.

It wasn’t laundry, or cleaning, or grocery related.

It was “Workout, 10am.”

I am determined to use my time to benefit myself for these couple of mornings a week.

I am putting myself at the top of my morning list.

Back in April, May and June I had a great routine of exercise going, I was following an online programme, eating well, getting out for walks 3-4 times a week. I was on it! And it felt great.

As restrictions eased, we naturally got busier. Going places, meeting friends, all the nice things that send me off kilter!

So now it’s time to rein it back in, and the only way I can do it is by putting myself at the top of my list.

I have had previous rants about Mom Guilt, most of us could write a Thesis on it, but I prefer not to even go there anymore. The laundry still gets done, everyone is still fed, watered, rested & happy.

The main difference is that I am also fed properly, watered (literally), rested & happy, and not burned out, feeling deprived and taken for granted.

I hope as you read this you think about where you are on your own lists. Are you even on a list?

You need to be.

Yes it’s easy for me to talk when I don’t work full time, but the point remains the same. We have to put ourselves higher up on the lists, we have to make ourselves a priority. We have to find a way of carving out the time & making the opportunities.

Leave the kids in childcare for an extra hour or two a week if needs be, you will be much better able for them when you get your time.

Put yourself on the list. And every now and again, put yourself at the top!

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