Blogging in a “Bloggers” World

In March I took the plunge & joined the vast & complicated world of Blogging.

A couple of friends had suggested that I do it a while back, but I just had no interest, and full disclosure, I was also terrified of trying & falling flat on my arse!

Once I had a few ideas put together about what to write, I set up my WordPress, then my Facebook & after a while, jumped on the Insta bandwagon too…

It’s a fickle system though… quite easy to get “followers” but an entirely different story to get “readers”…

Luckily I do have a very loyal little bunch of readers… yes half of them are related to me or are in my “circle” but there are quite a few new non-obligated people as well!

My style is old-fashioned blogging… writing pieces, accounts, stories, rants… my posts aren’t about the photo or the first impression, my blogs need people to invest more time than just the standard milisecond of a glance while scrolling.

I often feel like I am lost in a world of bloggers. Bloggers whose work is focused on the photo, the image, the instant like, the hashtag.

Their style suits the current trend of scrolling, tapping & scrolling some more. How many people even stop to read captions? I know rarely do! I am the typical scroller, barely giving my eyes or my brain a chance to register what’s in front of me!

I have been lucky enough to connect with some really great, experienced bloggers via Instagram & while they have a well established following & strong audience, they are still vulnerable to the scrolling, and the not-clicking-the-link!

There is no doubt that social media is 100% the most effective way to get yourself out there, and get people to see what you have to offer.

But as it gives with one hand, it takes with the other.

You get your followers, and the infamous algorithm decides not to actually show your content to these followers…

I find myself joining “loops” and “Like & Save” groups to boost engagement and gain followers, which in turn promises to show your stuff in more peoples’ feeds… and eventually get a few more regular readers (optimistic!)…

It does work to a degree, but there is a major cringe-factor to these loops… a tiny whiff of desperation to get more eyes on your page.

I have never done any of the big “extreme” loops, just the smaller Irish ones, which I do genuinely enjoy as there are always some new accounts that I end up really liking, and I have made some really good “friends” with some of the mammies in particular.

As a blogger who writes things that I would like people to read, there is very little benefit to all this effort; and it is effort!

So I feel like I’m in some kind of Limbo land… stuck between wanting more readers, and not wanting to have to buy my way around the online world.

I full on HATE having to beg for likes, shares, comments when I post an article… it literally feels like nails on a chalkboard when you have to put yourself out there & say “please share”!! Awkward… but when people do, it makes an amazing difference!

Writing has been my No.1 sanity saver since March, it has kept my mind focused & busy during a time where there was nowhere to go and nothing to do bar go slowly mental acting as servant to small demanding humans.

Having a good reader base keeps me motivated to write more, to keep my writing appealing to those readers, and stops me losing all interest.

So what’s a girl to do?? Start putting on full faces of makeup & taking selfies in the hunt for more engagement?


Just keep on truckin’ I suppose… and see where the old-school blogging in a new-school bloggers’ world takes me!

If you have stuck with me all the way to the end of this, then fair play to ya, and thanks a mil for giving me your time!

P.S. you guys, please like, comment, share, follow, subscribe, turn on notifications, add me to your close friends, do all the things!!! Lol just kidding, but I wouldn’t say no…!

Instagram @millennial_irish_mammy

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  1. Leona says:

    Really enjoyed it, as with all I’ve read.


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