Come Flounder with Me!


I was bored today.

Yes I said it! I was bored.

I reached a point early in my day where everything I NEEDED to do was done. Dishwasher was on, laundry was washed & hanging, the house was an acceptable level of tidy. I had nothing urgent or niggling on my mind.

I had nothing to do.

Yes there were 100 things I COULD have done, but I didn’t need to, so those things didn’t even enter my head.

The boys are at a very nice & hopefully long lasting stage of playing together a lot, and for a decent length of time (once I watch from a distance & don’t appear in front of them!), so once the infamous “jobs” are done, I feel relatively free.

Today for a couple of hours on & off the pair of them pottered around, inside & out, and just played with each other. They didn’t look for me or want to follow Daddy like a shadow, they just did their own thing.

Daddy was busy setting up the increasingly important home office, and I found myself kind of floundering between them, doing nothing. Just watching. Keeping an eye on the boys, nosing at what the other half was doing, but doing feck all myself.

It was weird.

Very weird!

I scrolled on my phone a bit, opened the fridge about 20 times, picked at some food, wandered outside again, back in, another quick scroll, turned on the kettle, wandered out to the office, back outside… for like, an hour…

I was bored!

Such a rare feeling for a parent to be actually bored. I often think I feel bored but that bored is more a feeling of apathy at the dullness of the daily grind (not to mention the lockdown grind).

Today’s bored was a proper “I have nothing to do” kinda bored.

I am delighted that I didn’t make myself get stuck into cleaning toilets or something equally ridiculous.

All too often when us Mammies get half a spare second we immediately panic… I NEED to make maximum use of this precious TIME!

Well no, actually, you don’t.

Next time you find yourself with a few spare minutes, stop and think. Do I need to be busy right now? Or do I just feel like I SHOULD be busy right now? If it’s the latter then put down that toilet brush & get the kettle on.

Too often we complain that we are wrecked, overwhelmed, I do it myself. And yes there is pretty much always shit to do around a family home, but is it necessary? Can it wait?

Try being bored for a brief while.

It’s weird, but it’s also wonderful!

Let yourself flounder every now and again!

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