Heavy is the Head

The Queen. Her Majesty. Ma’am. A leader of people. A Head of Nations.

And a mother.

A guilty one.

Never was Queen Elizabeth II more relatable than as she was portrayed in a new episode of The Crown.

(No spoilers coming I promise!)

The episode in question puts the spotlight on the Queen’s relationship with her four children.

You might even call them her estranged children.

A bigger situation within the historical storyline leads her to scrutinise her position as Mother, as well as Queen.

She reaches out to each of her now adult children, and the exchanges that follow are less than uplifting.

She is left feeling inadequate, neglectful, full of regret about her handling of their childhoods.

And visibly guilt-ridden.

I have written before about a mothers’ guilt. How it seems to permeate almost every exchange we have with our children, and every decision we make.

I was writing from the perspective of a “normal” mother. One who does everything possible for her children.

As I sat watching Olivia Coleman trick me once again into thinking I had travelled back in time & was a fly on the wall in Buckingham Palace, I had a pain in my gut.

Here she was, at the time the most powerful woman, most powerful person in the world. Everything and everyone at her feet, literally.

And behind it all, riddled with Mom-Guilt.

Her guilt stemmed from a regret about Nanny bathing the children. The one thing she promised herself that the Nanny would not do.

She is overseeing an Empire, has people bowing to her multiple times a day, and still feels a gaping hole in the shape of confidence in herself as a mother.

I mean, if she is vulnerable to this guilt, without having to worry about cooking, laundry, school runs, groceries, cleaning, nappies, feeding, homework, after-school activities, then surely us commoners should be delighted with our efforts at mothering and parenting, while also getting every other damn thing done, without any staff!

(Throw a pandemic in for good measure, shur why not!)

We are modern day Queens. Running our own empires.

And we are kicking ass.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown…

But we should hold our heads high.

Yes the crown is heavy, but with a little help, and a lot of honesty and openness, we can carry it. ๐Ÿ‘‘

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  1. Excellent piece michelle!!well done!!๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


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