The 2020 Gaps

In so many ways I feel like this year never even happened.

There are so many gaps in 2020, gaps that would usually be filled by other people in our lives.

The “holidays” at the grandparents’.

The Easter/Summer/Halloween gatherings with my girls.

The Mid-Term meetups with fellow mammies & their smallies.

The newborn snuggles.

The concerts & gigs.

The family birthdays.

The weekend playcentre mayhem.

The GAA matches.

The pints at the bar.

The staff dinners.

The trips to Shannon to collect the expats.

The Hens/Stags/Weddings.

The school plays.

The Santa visit.

What will our 2020 memories look like when they flash up on our Photos widgets or TimeHops in the future?

In our case there will still be lots of happy photos, but little to none of them will have faces other than the four of ours.

Christmas in less than 2 weeks & part of me just wants to scrap the lot of it, hit fast forward & just put this year behind us.

The rest of me is looking forward to it & wants to enjoy it. We have had to sit down & actually plan our days for the two weeks off work… that’s a task we haven’t faced in almost a year!

With two families in two different counties, our schedule involves a lot of driving.

3 nights here, home for a night, 3 nights there, back home to prepare for going back to work.

And out of all of it there will still be gaps.

We won’t get to see everyone we want to see & haven’t seen in months.

We won’t get to do all the things we want to do & go all the places we want to go.

So many gaps in our lives & we will still wait to fill them.

We can fill bits of these gaps, as we have been doing since March, coercing friends into Zoom chats, Facetiming family members etc, we are a long way from leaving that lifestyle behind.

Nothing will fully fill the gap until we can be together in person though.

Let’s hope that by this time next year the gaps will be filled fully and properly.

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