Through Their Eyes

What a weekend it has been.

If I didn’t have a “smart” phone I might not have known any different, but I insist on keeping myself in touch with the world despite the absolute apocolyptic sh*tshow it has become.

Things haven’t gotten any worse for me personally but this weekend has meant even more bad news & isolation for so many people here & in particular in the UK.

I took to cleaning the kitchen & blasting some tunes through my headphones once the boys were in bed, anything to get myself away from the headlines.

My brain keeps jumping to the negative. The things we are sacrificing, missing out on, the people we are away from.

And then I snap myself out of it.

We are fine. It’s not the end of the world.

Christmas might not be as crappy as my brain keeps telling me.

I look at our two boys tearing around living their best lives, and I remind myself to look at things through their eyes everyonce in a while.

Through their eyes, everything is perfect.

Everything is as it should be.

The decorations are up.

The fairylights are twinkling.

The advent calendar is being eaten away steadily.

The presents and toys have started coming in the door.

An Post informs me that more surprises are on the way.

School has never been more exciting and enjoyable (thank you amazing teachers & staff!)

Mammy & Daddy are at home & close to hand.

The Treat Press is full.

There’s chocolate cereal in the house!

Christmas songs play in the car.

Netflix is full of festive fun.

Santa is ready for road.

Through their eyes, things have never been better.

We could all do with looking at things through their eyes every now and again.

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