An Ode to Heels

Shoes are memories. Particularly heels.



Highlight Reels of a woman’s life.

Pandemic life has rendered my heels redundant and it makes me sad.

I’m not someone who wears heels on a daily basis, or even a regular basis. I am 5’1″ and perfectly happy to stay at that height until there is an occasion special enough to warrant the discomfort of heels.

But that doesn’t stop me LOVING a nice pair of stilettos.

My shoe collection is modest by most girls’ standards. None of them are expensive or designer, most of them are beaten up because I tend to wear the same few over & over & few of them are just plain boring & functional!

Every pair brings memories however.

Weddings, christenings, hen parties, reunions, birthdays, house warmings, always happy memories & good times with great people.

Every pair of shoes has its own story.

Shoes complete an outfit. Make a piece of clothing into a “look”.

They literally raise you up, and they raise your confidence with it.

They can also be responsible for knocking you down, but they don’t usually do that on their own…I’m looking at you alcohol!!

Even though I rarely wear mine, I still keep them out so I can admire them and the odd wave of nostalgia is always nice too.

My wedding shoes do live in a box… but that’s because they were kinda expensive & they are delicate, and mostly I don’t want them to become a home to a family of spiders!

I am LIVING for the next day that I get to agonise over outfits & shoes. It will be so exciting & also emotional.

Shoes seems to frivolous to most men, but for us girls, they are so much more than footwear.

And don’t get me started on handbags…!

Here are my wedding shoes for those that are curious…yes they are so very pretty… and they hurt like a b**ch…!

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