Firefly Lane… a Feminist Feast

Netflix has yet again come up with the goods. Firefly Lane aired last week for the first time, a show that I saw previews for before Christmas & thought “Ooh! That looks like a nice show!”

Well I was wrong.

It was so much more than a nice show.

It was amazing. So much more than I expected.

And like any good series it ended with far too many unanswered questions.

The series spans four different timelines, which sounds so confusing but is executed flawlessly, and it’s easy to follow. The overarching theme is the unlikely friendship between Tully & Kate. We follow them through their lives, but it is made clear early on that it hasn’t all been plain sailing.

Yes it has some fabulously girly bits and typical American scenes of the besties riding bikes together, talking about boys & sneaking out at night etc.

More significantly though, the show draws on very real issues that so many women face throughout their lives.

First periods, rape, substance abuse, disfunctional relationships, divorce, miscarriage, the breakdown of friendships, gender inequality, the struggles of motherhood, sexual misconduct in the workplace, this show pulls no punches.

It is clear from the raw, honest, real nature of how each storyline and event is played out on screen that women are not just the pretty faces in front of the camera on this one, they also run the show behind the scenes.

It really is one of those shows that you can feel as you watch it. It was entertaining yes, but there was so much more to it. It was empowering, inspiring, heartbreaking at times, just powerful on the whole. Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke are sheer perfection in their roles, they can each do the silly bits and the serious bits equally well.

I wish I could say there was a happy ending, but there really wasn’t! And in a way, that was perfect. We want more! And no doubt the powers that be at Netflix HQ will provide once again.

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