The Day That Changed My Life

Hey guess what! I finished a book! Actually I finished two books but the amazing thing is that I managed to finish one at all!

One busy week of reading back in March got me to the end of Caitlin McBride’s truly great book “The Day That Changed My Life”. It’s a really warm, inspiring collection of conversations with some of Ireland’s most influential women about the day they say changed their lives.

Some of the names were immediately familiar, others not, but every single chapter resonated with me for one reason or another.

And of course it had me asking myself, what was the day that changed my life?

I thought it would be nice to start a conversation with my readers about the same topic! It’s not something I ever really stopped to think about, but when I did, it was a really interesting process trying to filter out all the big events and the big days, to determine which was The One.

So here’s my tuppence, I’d love to hear yours!

The Day That Changed My Life;

The Day I DIDN’T get my first choice on the CAO form…

Offers day came; our internet was not in any way reliable so I remember going to my cousins house for 9am to log on and get the news… I missed out on my first choice, but I did get my second.

Now to be fair, they were both teaching courses, but life would most definitely not be the same today had I gotten that first choice.

The best thing about my college years was the fact that I made friends for life while I was there. We were in the same college, on the same course, the same assignments, the same schedule, living under the same roof, it was just the best of times. Had I been accepted to the other course, I may well have been under the same roof as said legends but we would have been on completely different journeys.

The stars also aligned enough during those college years for me to meet a very smooth talking, car-driving, slightly older UL student who happened to be back in Limerick to finish his degree after a year off study. We both graduated at the same time, and found our feet in the world of work at the same time.

Seeing as that UL student is now my husband of almost 8 years and the father of my two boys, it’s pretty clear that meeting him and going through early adult life with him was pretty significant in the overall scheme of things!

Yes I could totally say it was the day I had my first child, but as I say above, that would never have happened had I been in a different place at a different time all those years ago…

It really is mad how things just pan out. And it’s even more mad to think that even the smallest change in how things happened way back when would have sent me on a completely different path.

The saying goes “everything happens for a reason” and it really is hard to argue with that!

Take a moment for yourself to consider what your day is. And I would love if you could share, I find it all very interesting! And I’m also a bit nosey…!

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  1. What an interesting idea what day changed mine..I may have a think!!

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