Women vs Men; TV choices

*Disclaimer* I am acutely aware that everybody is different and all that stuff, and yes I am 100% making sweeping generalisations here, but my Women vs Men series is based on a lifetime of hard evidence gleaned from living with a typical man for some years now and having grown up with a typical man Dad and typical men brothers so take it as you will…

Ah TV… we all love it and let’s face it we all need it too. Growing up it was the root of many arguments and much screaming, and still as adults it can be a bone of contention!

Chatting to friends and many others around me it would appear that TV taste & choice is an area that really highlights the differences between men and women.

Us girls love a bit of drama, bit of goss. Soaps and OTT series with OTT storylines are always a safe bet… So are the feel good shows like Bake Off and the talent shows.

The past 10 or 15 years have led us down the rabbit hole of “Reality” TV and all that goes with it… I don’t know any men who willingly watch or enjoy the likes of the Housewives or the Kardashians, but I do know plenty of women who follow them all religiously. Yes we know they are utter tripe but dammit they make great viewing!

The male of the species lean towards the sport, the war documentaries, the crime series, the car restoration and Wheeler Dealer end of the spectrum.

I have to say I get away very lightly on the sport front… the iPad spares me from having to endure too much of it, and having sat through 3 hours of a match last night I am very grateful that that is a rare event!

In recent times though, it has to be said that they too have been slipping into the Reality genre…

Not a stiletto or a false eyelash in sight, but all the drama and OTT storylines nonetheless!

I have three words for ye… SHUT HER DOWN!

If you don’t know what that is referring to, you have obviously not lived with a man who is knee deep in these “manly” reality shows…

Here is just a *brief* list of the selection that graces our Sky Box on the regular…

  • Gold Rush
  • Gold Divers
  • Gold Hunters
  • Outback Opal Hunters
  • Deadliest Catch
  • Ice Road Truckers
  • Forged in Fire
  • Chasing Classic Cars
  • Combat Dealers
  • Salvage Kings
  • Storage Wars

I mean it is pretty impressive to be fair. They take one concept and twist it into 5 different shows that are watched by the same audience. Well played Discovery, well played.

I know far too much about all these topics at this point. I fear the knowledge I have acquired from pure osmosis over years of this exposure has caused other valuable information to be pushed out and forgotten.

I have given up even trying to watch “my” shows unless I am alone.

Having your nearest and dearest mocking and scoffing while you hold back tears during a poignant scene of your favourite drama is a recipe for murder and I’m trying to hold out on that for as long as I can…

I scroll and he views… we sometimes manage to find some “family viewing”, aka something we can both watch and enjoy together… those shows are hard to come by!

TV choice really is one area that makes me stop and wonder are we really compatible?!

I have grown to accept the niche (well, not so niche apparently!) taste he has in TV, and on a positive note I reckon if I was ever abducted and dropped off in Alaska, I would quite easily find a way to survive and make a living as a gold miner!

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