Women vs Men; Illness

I am compelled to begin this one with a disclaimer specifically for my wonderful super-human husband who NEVER gets sick and so he can’t give out to me for bitching about him in this blog🤣 not that I would EVER commit such a heinous crime…

Illness… malaise… sick… laid up, whatever you want to call it, men and women seem to get struck down in drastically different ways and to very different extents!

I am of course not trying to make little of serious illnesses here, absolutely not. But when it comes to the day to day “under the weather” stuff, there is definitely room for a bit of observational humour.

The term “Man-Flu” gets bandied about quite a bit and yes sometimes it can be a bit disrespectful and unfair to men, but often it is quite accurate.

A man could get a very similar dose to their female counterpart, but the fallout is something quite different…

Woman feels something brewing (despite taking all manner of supplements daily, eating a good varied diet with all the colours of the rainbow and clocking up 10,000 steps at least 5 days a week)… woman dives into the press where all the medicines are waiting on standby for such events & attempts to head whatever fresh hell this is off at the pass…

Woman fails. Woman wakes up next morning feeling like she’s been hit by a bus. Woman expresses discomfort to man. Man grunts & goes about his day.

Woman also goes about her day, and everyone elses day. Woman makes breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks, all while lugging around a concrete block for a head. Woman probably goes to work too ‘cos she’s not “sick enough” to stay home.

Nobody asks Woman how she is feeling or what can be done to help. Woman looks like death warmed up but this goes unnoticed. Woman seems to be functioning just fine from the outside.

Woman might even decide to go to the doctor if things get bad enough!

Woman will be advised to rest.



Great help.

Woman might actually get sick enough that she is forced to rest, then people start to notice things!

What’s for dinner? Where’s my gear? Have we anything for a cold sore? Is that shirt washed? Is there any more milk? So and so can’t find XYZ…

Woman eventually gets better and all is well with the world. Well, she gets better enough to get up and keep going for another while at least.

Man feels something brewing. He voices discomfort to Woman. Woman takes appropriate medication out of the pre-stocked press and supplies glass of water.

Man will go to work if he is able. If not, Man will stay in bed.

Man will be fed, watered and tended to as required for as long as required.

Man will not be unduly disturbed.

Man might have to go to the doctor if things get really bad. Man will get full check up and immediate medication. Man will not be made to feel like he is over-reacting.

Apparently there is some science behind the fact that men and women experience illness/pain differently… I definitely don’t have time to be digging up that kinda evidence but anecdotal evidence would suggest that more often than not, women will battle on through many situations, illness and otherwise, simply because there is no Option B.

If a man is unwell enough, he can just be sick and rest and get better.

For women, it is rarely that simple. We may be better at minding our day-to-day health than men are, but truly, when we do get struck down it is often as much because of exhaustion and overwhelm as any bacteria or virus, and we are NOT good at preventing or treating those illnesses.

Luckily, I don’t get sick often, but when I do I am slow to get it fixed, or I leap up and get back going far too quickly. I know most of us are the same!

So what about having a dose of Woman-Flu every now & again? I don’t mean PMS either, that needs its own time!

Every now and again we should be able to get signed off from life and take to the bed for a day of proper restorative rest!

Imagine the health benefits of that!

I’m sure our wonderful partners would happily oblige us😜

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