I Don’t Want to Play

“Mommy can you play with me?”

Does anyone else shudder and wince when they hear those words…?

I feel like a bit of bitch even writing that but jesus I hate playing with kids…

I mean, I can tolerate some kinds of playing, I’m not a total buzzkill…

I can do Play Doh. I can do colouring or painting or sticking. Sometimes I can even stretch to Lego…!

But do not ask me to partake in ANYTHING that starts with the instruction “Let’s pretend…”


I know people who get fully into it and I admire their enthusiasm, but I am just not one of those people! The kids love it when adults buy into it and get on board pretending to be a monster or a dinosaur or a puppy that has to crawl on all fours etc but just NOPE.

Imaginary play is vital for kids, and it is a worrying sign when they can’t engage in any kind of imaginary play, but to me imaginary play is ONLY for kids and I want no part in it!

If you watch my stories you might have noticed that I am a fan of Glennon Doyle and have recently been obsessing over her podcast series.

One of the many lightbulb moments I had while listening to her is when she proudly stated that she HATES playing.

She has 3 kids and she has always refused to play.

She just says no and makes no apologies for it.

I’m like, hell yes, I hate playing too! And I’m not afraid to say it!

I am over feeling obliged to crawl around like an ass barking and whinnying. I will play but I have my boundaries.

Sometimes I do feel bad for saying no when they ask me to play, but honestly we are all better off if I am not doing it against my will.

At this point the eldest is clever enough to know where my line is and will say “You can sit on the couch Mammy and just talk”🤣

Thank you Jesus🙌🏻😅

He sets up his restaurant in front of the couch and delivers my meals and my tea, I sip enthusiastically a few times and then we all move on with our lives… that’s as much as I can manage and they are ok with that.

I know I’m not in the minority on this one, but the question is who else is willing to hold their hands up and admit it!!

None of us love every aspect of parenting so come on, spill, what do you hate?

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