Latest Picks of the ‘Flix

Hello November! The month where the curtains never seem to even get opened! Dark evenings closing in, a North wind that would beat any Hollywood Browzer, and a fairly empty calendar…

There is only one thing for it! Embrace the cosiness and take control of that remote… you now have full permission to dive headlong into all the TV you might have missed while you were out enjoying Summer in October…

So here goes, a list of recommendations to get your juices flowing… I won’t delve into each one, just give you an idea of what is involved and you can decide for yourself how invested you want to get!

Some are recent, other titles have been on there for ages, but anything I list I enjoyed so I hope you will too…

First up; Easy Watching!

These ones are short series so easy to get through in about a week or so;

On the Verge; very funny!

Back to Life; dark humour, great storyline, short episodes

Living with Yourself; Paul Rudd & Aisling Bea: quite random but entertaining

Ginny & Georgia; mother/daughter combo here, looking forward to series 2

Bridgerton; Where have you been?!

The Chair; gritty and funny; starring Christina from Greys Anatomy

Never Have I Ever; quirky teen-style comedy drama, short episodes

The Duchess; Catherine Ryan comedy series, dark in parts but very witty

Feel Good; dark humour, VERY graphic

Halston; Ewan McGregor; based on the life of a fashion designer.

Firefly Lane; would definitely watch this again, dying for series 2!

Next; Meatier Series;

Deeper storylines, multiple series, good ones for longevity!

After Life; Ricky Gervais in quite a serious role, all the feels!

Motherland; Motherhood & all its ups and downs, laugh out loud funny

Sisters; Australian series, very unusual plot!

Friends from College; a bunch of Millennial friends and lots of relationship drama

The Bold Type; obsessed. Full stop.

Love on the Spectrum; Australian reality series following people with Autism, so entertaining, inspiring and emotional

Sex Education; one of THE best shows ever on Netflix, do not miss!

Dead to Me; Christina Applegate stars in this, great if you want something different

The Queens Gambit; big hit a few months back, worth a watch

Atypical; absolutely love this, it has everything, you will laugh and cry.

Box Set Binges

Parks and Recreation; ok full disclosure it goes on forever but it is very very funny, the characters are just genius! If you enjoyed The Office you will love this.

Good Girls; gritty female-led drama, some very entertaining storylines, long episodes & 3 series to get stuck into

The Crown; Epic in all senses of the word, fantastic viewing.

Ozark; a new series coming soon and I can’t wait! This is a great one for watching with the other half (as is Good Girls actually), it’s pretty hard hitting and violent at times but really gripping.


Now I am far from a movie buff and rarely watch them but here are a few I enjoyed over the past few months.

Pieces of a Woman; trigger warning on this one, baby loss theme, fantastic raw scenes though

Hillbilly Elligy; bit of a tearjerker but Amy Adams is amazing

The Starling; also a trigger warning on this, but the loss is not delved into deeply, overall a beautiful story with Melissa McCarthy and Chris O’Dowd starring.

Otherhood: Moms of teenagers/young adults off on a roadtrip to spy on their offspring! What’s nit to enjoy!

Sisters; this one is top notch comedy, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey, say no more!

Ode to Joy; this one is new, it won’t win any Oscars but Martin Freeman is in it and it was very enjoyable.

The Fundamentals of Caring; Paul Rudd in an unusual role, really intriguing movie and out of the ordinary.

Bohemian Rhapsody; wow from start to finish

Worth; the story of the man who took on the job of deciding what compensation the families of 9/11 victims got paid; heartbreaking and fascinating.

The First Wives Club; absolute classic here, very funny!

The Lady in the Van; Maggie Smith at her best! Great storyline, all the feels!

So I think that is enough to keep ye going! Please let me know if you watch any of these and what you thought of it!

I will continue to work hard on my quest to finish Netflix😅

Won’t be going near Squid Game though… I have a line!

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