Who Is She?

I see a woman in the mirror.

I don’t know who she is.

I’ve seen someone like her before…

She does look familiar, but…

She looks tired.

She looks older.

She looks frayed around the edges.

Unstyled hair.

Unkempt eyebrows.

A chin hair that needs attention.

She looks cross.

She looks frustrated.

She looks drained.

What has changed her?

Is it work?

Is it kids?

Is it Covid?

Is it family?

Is it money?

Is it health?

Who knows. Maybe she doesn’t even know herself.

I definitely recognise parts of her.

Maybe I do know her.

If she smiled, I would remember her.

If she laughed, I bet I would know her.

I would surely recognise her on a dancefloor…

She is tired, she is older, she is cross.

She is drained.

Someday I will recognise her. She will smile and laugh.

And I will know her again.

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